Entering the World of Metaverse

The term “Metaverse” may ring a bell to some. With Facebook rebranding itself as Meta, the term Metaverse has gained immense popularity, attracting many technology companies to further explore the concept. But what exactly is metaverse? Metaverse is an Augmented...

ShareRing App Release Notes – 12th, October 2019

Below are the release notes for our latest app release which is going out to the testers this weekend (we’ve rolled up 2 weeks of release notes in this one, as we missed the last one). In addition to these...

Our path to a Tendermint based ecosystem

As many of you know, ShareLedger (the blockchain platform for ShareRing) is built on top of the Tendermint Core framework. Tendermint has been developed by the same team that launched Cosmos. For more information on Tendermint, please have a look...

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