Entering the World of Metaverse

The term “Metaverse” may ring a bell to some. With Facebook rebranding itself as Meta, the term Metaverse has gained immense popularity, attracting many technology companies to further explore the concept. But what exactly is metaverse? Metaverse is an Augmented...

ShareRing (SHR) Launches Two Trading Pairs on ProBit

SHR launches two new trading pairs (SHR/BTC, SHR/KRW) on the top 20 cryptocurrency exchange ProBit. We are pleased to announce that SHR token will be launching two new trading pairs on top 20 cryptocurrency exchange ProBit. This marks another notable milestone...

ShareRing AMA with CEO Tim Bos & Hillrise Capital Transcript

In this ShareRing AMA hosted by Hillrise Capital, Tim Bos talks about DeFi, partnership hints, roadmap updates and much more! Introduction Questions: Welcome Tim, thank you for being here today, we’ve been looking forward to organizing this one for a...

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