Entering the World of Metaverse

The term “Metaverse” may ring a bell to some. With Facebook rebranding itself as Meta, the term Metaverse has gained immense popularity, attracting many technology companies to further explore the concept. But what exactly is metaverse? Metaverse is an Augmented...

Beyond Bitcoin with Algorand, Meld Ventures, and Algomint

Transcript: Beyond Bitcoin – DeFi with Algorand, Algomint, and MeldVentures

In our very first episode we interviewed two of the industry’s leading DeFi experts to explore their views on current and future use-cases, as well as the impact on business and consumer markets. This episode is available with English, Spanish,...

ShareRing AMA with CEO Tim Bos & Hillrise Capital Transcript

In this ShareRing AMA hosted by Hillrise Capital, Tim Bos talks about DeFi, partnership hints, roadmap updates and much more! Introduction Questions: Welcome Tim, thank you for being here today, we’ve been looking forward to organizing this one for a...

ShareRing’s February 2020 Newsletter!

For those who missed it, welcome to the late February ShareRing newsletter, where we provide updates on all things ShareRing! Launch update: We’re very happy to announce that Apple has finally approved the new test submission that ShareRing recently submitted!...

Venture Beat – ShareRing Launches Blockchain-Powered Car Sharing On Top Of Existing Rental Services

Blockchain-powered marketplace startup ShareRing, conceived last year by former executives of car-sharing platform Keaz, has announced a service that will let users book and unlock a rental vehicle within 30 seconds. For its debut, the service is partnering with Keaz to...

PYMNTS.COM- Blockchain Makes Inroads Into Banking

In Asia, blockchain continues to get a boost from government and regulatory efforts, especially in the realm of trade finance done across borders. In one example from the past several days, the China Banking Association (CBA) — the regulatory agency...

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