gas fee increase swap slp3 erc20

Moving with the market – increased transaction fees for swapping out of SLP3

To the ShareRing Community, It’s been a tough few days for many people and we understand that the resulting challenges may be with us for quite some time. Transparency drives the core values of ShareRing, and we aim to maintain...

ShareRing eKYC – How to submit your application at the Barbados Teachers Cooperative Credit Union Limited 

If you are a customer at The Barbados Teachers Cooperative Credit Union Limited , you are now able to submit your eKYC documents through the ShareRing app. Please see the instructions below.

ShareRing eKYC launches at Barbados Teachers Cooperative Credit Union Limited 

After months of hard work on this project, we are proud to announce the launch of ShareRing eKYC at Barbados Teachers Co-Operative Credit Union Limited (TCU). The launch of eKYC with TCU signifies both entity’s forward thinking position on user...

BEP20 and what it means for ShareToken

BEP2, BEP20, ERC20. These are what we call token standards, that is, a set of rules that a token must follow in order to be issued with the corresponding blockchain. For the 3 token standards mentioned: BEP2 tokens are issued...

$SHR – BEP2 to BEP20 Cross Chain Swap LIVE NOW

Step by step guide to swap BEP2 “Binance Chain Network” $SHR to BEP20 “Binance Smart Chain Network” $SHR BEP20 Token Contract BEP2-SHR ←→ BEP20-SHR Make sure you have Binance Wallet installed in your browser extension Import an existing wallet, or...

Beyond Bitcoin with Algorand, Meld Ventures, and Algomint

Transcript: Beyond Bitcoin – DeFi with Algorand, Algomint, and MeldVentures

In our very first episode we interviewed two of the industry’s leading DeFi experts to explore their views on current and future use-cases, as well as the impact on business and consumer markets. This episode is available with English, Spanish,...

ShareRing 2021 Update with Tim Bos and Elvin Transcript

CEO Tim Bos and Marketing Director Elvin discuss ShareRing’s achievements over the last 3 months, ShareRing’s roadmap for 2021, and much more! Introduction I’m Tim Bos, the CEO and co-founder of ShareRing. I’ve got Elvin with me, our marketing director....

ShareRing Forges Strategic Alliance with KardiaChain

ShareRing announces a formal partnership with interoperability leader Kardiachain to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology ShareRing is pleased to announce our formal partnership with KardiaChain. KardiaChain is an established market leader for interoperability and hybrid blockchain solutions for...

ShareRing AMA with CEO Tim Bos, hosted by Ashton Addison at CryptoCoinShow – Full Transcript

In this SHRAMA with CryptoCoinShow, Tim Bos discusses the next generation sharing economy, ShareRing’s competitive edge and much more! Introductions Ashton Addison: I’m Ashton Addison from EventChain for Investment Pitch Media and FinTech News Network, and today on Blockchain Interviews...

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