Tim Bos Keynote Presentation at the Innovation Thailand Expo 2020

Tim Bos discusses tourism in times of COVID-19, and how ShareRing technology can contribute to the opening of the borders. Introduction I’d like to introduce you to our next speaker, who is Mr. Tim Bos, co-founder and chairman of ShareRing,...

Blockchain for Insurance, Change is Coming

Insurance titans and start-ups alike are endeavouring to use blockchain for insurance to thwart fraud, digitally track records, and more. Insurance has existed for millennia’s. One of the first documented loss limitation methods was noted in the Code of Hammurabi,...

Blockchain for logistics, how will it work and its benefits to systems.

In the past few years, the potential of blockchain for business has been touted by everyone from the Alphabet Inc. to Zurich Financial. Among these potential applications, the field of logistics looms as one of the biggest prizes on offer....

Blockchain Technology in the Future Sharing Economy

A few weeks ago I was in Vietnam working with the development team. I was able to save money here and there, making the trip pretty affordable: I purchased a day pass to stay on top of tasks at the...

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