ShareLedger Hard Fork 2022

ShareLedger hard fork 2022: upgrades and new features

#onthelist early access banner

#ONTHELIST – Staking and Swap Early Access!

SHR Staking and Swap are coming soon: make sure you’re #ONETHELIST for early access Part of our mission at ShareRing is to enable frictionless access. By giving people control of their digital assets, identity, and economic freedom, we empower individuals...

User Manual: Swap Guide

How to Swap Crypto on ShareRing For Users

User Manual: Staking Guide

How to Stake SHR on ShareRing App ShareRing application allows users to stake their amounts of ShareToken (SHR) stored in their ShareLedger or account balance. Setup and verify your ShareRing account Please refer to the following guide. Get your balance...

User Manual Guide

Once you have installed the ShareRing app on your device, click to open the application, and you will find two options which are “Login” or “Set up your ID”. If you are new to ShareRing, begin by setting up your...

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