Travel Agencies revolutionised

ShareRing is here to shake up the traditional travel industry. We‟ll put the Travel Agents and Agencies at the forefront, offering real time solutions.

ShareRing OTAs

Built on distributed ledger technology, ShareRing offers travel agencies much more than a typical booking engine. Some of our unique features include:

Capture Safety Data

Using a single interface, ShareRing brings Travel Agents and Agencies a huge range of inventory at the best rates and availability. ShareRing offers reviews, rewards and customisation.

Product Features

One ID

All our users have to complete KYC (know your customer) eliminating fake bookings and security risks.

Express Check-In

Through our One ID process, users no longer need to hand over personal documents. You can verify users information before they arrive allowing for quick check in.

Cash Out with SharePay

Instant cash payments for users at a competitive rate with a commission in your pocket for every withdrawal.

Product management

Powerful and easy to use dashboard.

Multi-currency payments

Multi-currency payments including fiat and cryptocurrency.

Customer analytics

Track customer behaviours, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

How it works


You choose your availability, rules, policies and pricing.

Cost effective

No lock in contracts, extremely low fees.


All customers are pre-verified through our One ID giving you complete peace of mind.


We provide you with advice and analytics to get the most out of our booking engine.

Travel is overdue for an overhaul!

Travel has seen 3 generations of advancement since its inception as an industry.

Gen 1 - Bricks and Mortar, large medium and small enterprise.
Gen 2 - Web-based bookings, virtually unchanged in principal for the last 20 years.
Gen 3 - App-based bookings. A minor upgrade from web platforms.

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The first Travel Platform where the end-user owns their data! Genuine access to more features with hotels, activity providers, car rental companies, etc. ShareRing allows systems to be interconnected with various currencies supported. All this with little to no effort.

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