Beyond Bitcoin with Algorand, Meld Ventures, and Algomint

Transcript: Beyond Bitcoin – DeFi with Algorand, Algomint, and MeldVentures

In our very first episode we interviewed two of the industry’s leading DeFi experts to explore their views on current and future use-cases, as well as the impact on business and consumer markets. This episode is available with English, Spanish,...

Inside Small Business- What Opportunities exist in your business for women’s inclusion, empowerment and growth?

It is no secret that business technology companies suffer from an imbalance when it comes to the number of women they hire. This remains the stark reality despite research findings that reveal highly gender diverse tech companies return an average of...

Crypto Tech News- Sharing Economy Powered by Blockchain, ShareRing

The Sharing Economy has had a resurgence as technology facilitates access and enables an easier exchange of goods and services. Through P2P platforms users are able to rent and monetise their unused items, helping to decrease waste, increase utility and ultimately...

Dynamic Business- Let’s Talk: Raising Capital

How to get investors to sit-up and listen. Entrepreneurialism is thriving in Australia and according to 35 per cent of Australian startups are based in Sydney followed by 14 per cent in Melbourne and 9 per cent in Brisbane. So, when...

Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk: Staff Motivation

How to motivate staff to ensure they’re giving your business all they’ve got. Let’s face it; staff motivation is one of the biggest challenges for employers today.  And yet, surprisingly, money is not the main influence when it comes to...

Lifehacker Australia- How I Succeeded: ShareRing’s Tim Bos

How I Succeeded is a regular series on Lifehacker where we ask business leaders for the secrets and tactics behind their success. Today: Tim Bos co-founder and CEO of ShareRing. Current gig: CEO and co-founder at ShareRing Location: Sydney and Brisbane, Australia Current...

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