GDA Capital will be providing the ShareRing with growth capital and will help to accelerate the distribution of their SHR Token, the native token on the ShareRing Network.

ShareRing is pleased to announce our partnership with Global Digital Assets (GDA Capital). As an industry-leading merchant bank for blockchain and digital assets, GDA Capital will be providing ShareRing with performance-based growth capital and will assist ShareRing with the distribution and adoption of SHR at the institutional level.  

GDA Capital is a global merchant bank focused on emerging technology, based in Toronto & New York City. GDA was founded through the joint venture between MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets and offers a full suite of services spanning from ventures, capital markets and liquidity.

It’s a real privilege to add GDA with their years of expertise under their belt to our growing list of influential partners and key collaborators. They are one of the top blockchain firms in supporting projects through development while also opening doors to numerous key firms in sectors ShareRing is operating within.

CEO of ShareRing Tim Bos

ShareRing’s Real-World Activations

ShareRing is an enterprise-ready blockchain geared towards the travel, sharing and on-demand economies. Focused on the fragmented $7 trillion travel economy, ShareRing’s travel app will create a more cohesive customer experience by bringing all the necessary activities and bookings into one ecosystem, including hotel check-ins, activities, flights,  insurance policies & claims, visa and tourist applications, COVID passport, self-sovereign digital identity, mobile wallets, payment solutions and vehicle rentals.

With a partnership network that includes dozens of vendors that are ready to integrate ShareRing into their existing business infrastructure, this network is one of the most ready for real-world activations that we have seen.

Co-founder of GDA Capital Michael Gord

About Global Digital Assets

Global Digital Assets and its management team has experience that spans the entire blockchain industry. This includes venture capital, capital markets, trading, blockchain technology, token development and issuance. Their team has played a significant role in taking dozens of tokens to market for clients around the world; having led million-dollar marketing and activation campaigns, and completed over three billion dollars of private placement or OTC transactions.

They have worked with a variety of firms ranging from family offices, HNWI, Fortune 100 enterprises, startups and global governments looking to accelerate their country’s adoption of blockchain.

Last month Global Digital Assets (GDA Capital) secured a $350 million dollar mandate from LehmanBush to co-advise on the firm’s acquisition of blockchain, financial technology, and decentralized finance companies by sourcing companies that align with commercial goals and that consolidate a synergistic ecosystem under a single entity that benefits from shared resources. GDA Capital has engaged with its partner Alpha Sigma Capital as co-advisor and co-sponsor on the investments and will be jointly engaged to execute on the mandate.  

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Where do I purchase ShareRing tokens?
Interested in purchasing SHR tokens? Then you can do so from the following exchanges:  

BitmartSHR ERC-20

Binance DexSHR BEP2

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