On Monday 15th February, ShareRing will be launching staking on Launchpool, a new blockchain-based project that realigns stakeholder incentives to create a more fair and equal investing experience

ShareRing in collaboration with their partner, Alphabit, will be launching ERC20 SHR staking on Launchpool to go live Monday 15th February.

Launchpool is a new blockchain project that realigns stakeholder incentives to create a more fair and equal investing experience. 

Connect your wallet and stake your SHR here.

Why Launchpool Is Needed

Launchpool is a platform to stimulate blockchain adoption, project success, and everything you need to know about the crypto projects you invest in. The platform strives to bridge the gap between investors, project owners, community, experts, and general market participants to help new projects build for the future.

Launchpool’s collaboration with Alphabit, FBG, Protocol Ventures, Jun Capital, GBIC, Alpha Sigma Capital, Master Ventures, and A195 Capital bring institutional credibility, resources, and support to carefully selected blockchain projects to promote rapid growth and adoption.

One of the industry’s first regulated digital asset management funds and ShareRing partner, Alphabit recently confirmed a partnership with Launchpool, intending to build on their established communities. 

Launchpool is a new blockchain-based project that realigns stakeholder incentives to create a more egalitarian investing experience. Using the LPT token, the native cryptocurrency of the Launchpool platform, investment funds and platform users both see benefits, creating a system where ‘the sum is greater than its constituent parts, and projects are a success for all’.

What is Launchpool’s LPT Incentive Structure

As the native cryptocurrency of the Launchpool platform, LPT tokens allow both users and investment funds to benefit from the ecosystem. When a user owns LPT tokens, they can stake them to gain access to a portion of a fund’s liquidity provisions.

This gives the user an unprecedented investment rate compared to the secondary retail market. On top of investment access, LPT is used to validate the transactions of the network, rewarding the LPT staker with tokens for being active in the security and verification process.

By combining the utility of the coin, users are further incentivized to stake their cryptocurrencies in the Launchpool network as it grows.

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Where do I purchase ShareRing tokens?

Interested in purchasing SHR tokens? You can do so from the following exchanges:  

Bittrex Global: SHR BTC & SHR USDT


Uniswap: SHR ETH


Bithumb Global: SHR BTC & SHR USDT

Bitmart: SHR BTC

Binance Dex: SHR BEP2 & SHR BUSD


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