The entry period for the ShareRing Minecraft Building Contest has concluded!

While we may have overestimated the number of crypto investors that play Minecraft, we still had some amazing entries from some very talented builders!

Here are some of the highlights submitted by our contestants in the Discord channel:

Amazing! We thank you all for your participation and wish you the best of luck in the final selection!

Winners will be selected via Livestream by Tim Bos on Wednesday, November 4th at 23:00 UTC

The link will be provided on our Official Twitter:

We hope to see you all there!

Treasure Hunt Cancellation

We made the decision to cancel the Treasure Hunt due to concerns regarding accessibility and fairness. Minecraft is not a free game, and joining the server isn’t as easy as we’d hoped it would be for those new to the game.

In addition to limited server capacity and other factors, we decided it would be best to instead focus on activities that benefit the entire ShareRing community, achieve key marketing objectives, and better support our exciting announcement schedule.

On that topic, remember to follow us and set your alerts for our Weekly Trivia!

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Where do I purchase ShareRing tokens?

Interested in purchasing SHR tokens? You can do so from the following exchanges:  


Bithumb Global: SHR BTC & SHR USDT & SHR ETH

Bitmart: SHR BTC

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