ShareRing Health: Available for Business Demo

As a follow up to our recent teaser video, we are pleased to share more details about our set of trusted solutions for the health industry. The core functionality of ShareRing Health has been designed to be piloted at health centers for Covid-19 in advance of a wider rollout of use cases across the industry. 

The ShareRing Health solutions use our proprietary blockchain to securely tie an individual’s digital identity to an encrypted, immutable record of health data. Our Personal Information Vault (PIV) allows users to then safely store these credentials for future use. The final stage of the cycle is when the individual uses these encrypted and verified credentials to access goods or services around the world. 

Importantly, throughout this entire process ShareRing never stores any sensitive health information on our servers or the cloud, we utilise a no-knowledge proof of transfer. The user also retains complete control of their data thereby providing a truly self-sovereign identity. 

Issuing the health credential

Health center staff conduct a visual identity check of the individual against their OCR-checked and face-matched ShareRing ID documents. This ensures the health data is tied to the right person in an encrypted and immutable structure, thereby reducing the risks of fraud. Depending on whether the health center has the technology to create a QR code or not will determine the route used to add the health credentials into the user’s PIV.

Credential ownership

Once the user receives the digital vaccination or test certificate from the issuer it is added to their secure PIV on their mobile device. This, combined with their OCR-checked and face-matched ID and other documents that will be added in due course, can be used to simplify their day-to-day lives as society moves forward. Due to the self-sovereign nature of the platform, users can rest assured knowing that their data cannot be viewed or accessed by anyone without their permission. 


ShareRing has  and continues to build a variety of routes for businesses to consume these verified health credentials. We are initially responding to requests from sporting venues, hotels, and the wider tourism industry. These new features illustrate ShareRing’s dedication to restoring normality to the world. 

The Benefits

Benefits to corporate stakeholders include:

  • Enhanced customer experience and engagement
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Secure data transfer
  • Blockchain-grade Security with immutable datasets
  • Reduced cybersecurity costs 
  • Increased visibility and business potential resulting from being part of our wider ecosystem

Benefits to users include:

  • All key documents stored in one, secure, user-friendly app
  • Peace of mind with privacy-by-design
  • Contactless journey when accessing goods and services
  • Easy registration and on-boarding
  • Ability to locate nearby health centers or businesses
  • Seamless access to venues and events
  • Express check-in for hotels (where activated)

ShareRing  contributes to and fully supports the Good Health Pass blueprint. Embracing this ethos, ShareRing Health has been developed to be interoperable, allowing a user to share their verified health data with other systems.

Throughout the entire data lifecycle we combine blockchain technology with self-sovereign identity and have eliminated the need to store sensitive personal information on our servers. The result is a platform which allows all stakeholders to share trusted and verified data with the highest forms of protection. 

Beyond test and vaccination certificates, future uses within the health industry could be expanded to prescription issuance, operation and treatment records, allergies, training and vocational certificates for staff, as well as using trusted health records to assist with insurance policies.

To pilot our health solutions at your facility or venue please contact our sales team and request a demo today. And make sure you follow us on our Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blog for all the latest updates and news.

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