After months of hard work on this project, we are proud to announce the launch of ShareRing eKYC at Barbados Teachers Co-Operative Credit Union Limited (TCU). The launch of eKYC with TCU signifies both entity’s forward thinking position on user data ownership and privacy, whilst ensuring anti-money laundering requirements are adhered to stringently.

The philosophy behind TCU is ‘people helping people’, and ShareRing’s purpose of “frictionless access with digital identities”  is a symbiotic partner to the greater vision behind both entities. 

With the launch, customers of TCU are now able to use the ShareRing App to upload, verify, and submit their eKYC documents. After downloading the app, the customer must first set up their ShareRing ID, a digital twin representation of their physical self, before proceeding with their eKYC process.

For user instructions on setting up your ShareRing ID, visit this page here.

For user instructions on submitting your eKYC application, visit this page here.

eKYC with ShareRing and TCU brings a flurry of advantages that are backed by the underlying blockchain technology. A faster and more efficient KYC process is supported by immutability of data hashed on the blockchain. This correlates to time saved by both the individual and institution. On top of that, confidence levels that data is not fraudulent and tampered-with are significantly high.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. If you are an institution and are interested in adopting eKYC into your organization, please reach out to Stewart Smith, Head of Sales and Marketing, at

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ShareRing is a digital identity blockchain ecosystem with a suite of ID driven solutions that enable individuals, and institutions an easier pathway to navigate services across the digital landscape.

Teachers Credit Union has been in existence for over 50 years and is one of the most stable Credit Unions in the Caribbean. Their mission is to provide financial and other related services in a manner that anticipates and satisfies the financial needs of members in the areas of saving and borrowing.

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