Global Sales and Partnerships Director Jonathan Duncan discusses updates from the sales and partnerships team!

A Big Week for ShareRing

Hello, welcome to the latest update from the sales team here at ShareRing. So, big news in the last week, in particular with Tencent and the announcements and the partnerships we’ve got with them.

Tim did a very good detailed AMA on that just a couple of days ago, so please do find that for a lot more information specifically around that Tencent partnership. Very positive news, and big news for us in terms of being able to actually share that with everybody.

That is exciting in terms of the ongoing partnerships and the sales conversations we’re having that we can now talk a lot more openly about, and work on the technology to see how it can benefit all parties, both in terms of Tencent’s perspective, as well as those we are looking to work with going forward.

Behind the Scenes at ShareRing

In the background, it’s been a very busy month, so not just in the last week with that announcement, but we’re continuing to build the backbone of the next-gen sharing economy.

In doing that, we’re now ramping up in terms of the launch that’s coming through in the middle of December for the app. We’re very excited to work towards that.

As that’s getting closer we’re moving in shifting our sales and partnerships focus from the technology and the kind of foundation elements of the business.

We’re now looking to move much towards the stakeholder side and the consumer side in terms of the platform, what we’re able to do, and bring some real-world live cases into the mix.

I’ve been very busy in terms of the team, in terms of building those types of partnerships and relationships, in terms of the new industries and ideas that have come to us from the existing community, which always surprises me.

Every month I get inundated with new ideas and some really good creative ones coming through.

But we’ve had two or three that are really high on our list now in terms of looking to develop and then are focusing on the education sector, the employment sector, and HR elements.

Then also actually events, in terms of getting events that are currently either limited capacity or no capacity and trying to reopen some of those as well.

There are huge amounts of feedback that we’re getting from the community and from people who want to see and utilize our platform, benefit from our privacy by design features.

This is obviously a core element of everything that we do and actually looking to evolve that, as I say, as a consumer and as a stakeholder now that we’re getting very close to that launch.

That combined with speaking to just over 10 countries or representatives for countries in terms of looking to open up their borders specifically for Open World Passport, we have a small team that is focused purely on just developing that tourism element of what we do. Obviously, it’s not just tourism in terms of the business.

As I mentioned before, we’ve got these other industries that have approached us in the last month and we’re looking for very specific solutions. On top of that, we’ve already been dealing with finance, insurance, general identity management, and being able to utilize that and the privacy by design features.

There are lots and lots of different avenues for looking to build. Our focus is obviously trying to make sure that what we’re doing is in the right order.

We’ve now got a very detailed road map in terms of the technology when that’s going to be launched, opportunities that can then sit alongside that.

All in all, it’s certainly a busy week in terms of announcements, busy month in terms of partnerships.

New Addition to the ShareRing Team

In terms of the actual team, just to give you an update. We’ve had a really good addition to the team and I’m excited to announce that we’ve got a new regional manager who’s based out of the Bangkok office and is going to be supporting the team there, as well as all of the partnerships focusing on Thailand, resourcing one of our key early adopter centers.

That should just give you a good overview in terms of what we’re doing and the different opportunities that are there and the exciting news that’s come through in the last week.

I look forward to hearing any more ideas that people have, absolutely willing to look at all of those. As I’ve just described, when we find the right ones we’re very happy to look to bring them early on into our roadmap. Otherwise, I wish you a very good day. Thank you for listening!

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