Hello all! As a way to increase our transparency and provide more updates to the community, we will start adding our regular app release notes to Medium each week (or when we release major updates). The release notes won’t be included with minor updates with only a small number of fixes though.

To start off, here are the release notes for the latest app we just released to our masternode holders:


  • Successfully integrated with Hotels API to search for hotels and static data
  • Hotels static data stored on ShareRing servers
  • Being able to make BOOKING and PAY with FIAT currencies and SharePay (full Stripe and payment rails integration)
  • Being able to CANCEL/PENDING a booking
  • Successfully connected to Onfido updated SDK for KYC
  • Adding updated commission rules to hotel prices (hotel prices are ‘TEST’ only and not accurate)
  • Being able to filter, sort hotel list on criteria
  • Populate hotel list on map mode
  • Fixed issue with too many requests on blockchain (nonce error) 

Known Issues:

  • Hotel search results sometimes fail/timeout — this is an issue with the Hotels test API that sometimes gives an error. We are waiting on assurance that it won’t happen in production.
  • Search on hotel name sometimes fails — we’re working with the ** (hotels) team to see if this is a test API specific issue

Remaining Tasks:

  • Changelly Integration for other cryptos payment — next week
  • Add link for promotion and cheap rooms — 2 weeks
  • Car Rental Service Integration
  • Selling discount products (luggage, drones, and other) on app — shopping cart integration

We will also migrate our infrastructure and ShareLedger to ‘Voyager NET’ over the next 7 days. ‘Voyager NET’ is our term for ‘pre-production’ where we can start running some real transactions through the platform and open it up for some real bookings!

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