In celebration of our upcoming app launch and new strategic partnership with KardiaChain, ShareRing is pleased to welcome everyone to our First Virtual Treasure Hunt!

This is a game of hidden “clues” (seed words) to engage our communities with a prize (treasure chest!) of $1000 in SHR and KAI tokens to be won!

The virtual “treasure chest” (wallet) will require a total of 12 seed words, in the chronological order they are revealed, to unlock.

The wallet to unlock will be Metamask, which is a free wallet anyone can use. For instructions on using Metamask, please visit their website.

Beginning on February 3rd, 1 seed word each day will be hidden in either text or image content on any of ShareRing or KardiaChain’s official channels:

ShareRing Official:                    KardiaChain Official:                

Telegram Announcements              Telegram Announcements
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Twitter                                             Twitter
YouTube                                          YouTube
Instagram                                        Instagram
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The seed word(s) of that day will only appear in one location, even if the same content/announcement/image is posted on other social media channels or formats.

And the word(s) will appear only in the original post, never as a comment, beware fake/scam pages commenting on our Facebook/Twitter pretending to be ShareRing or our partners.

On the final day of the promotion, which is purposely not announced, we will release more than one of the final seed words. This will be a surprise, to keep everyone on their toes and keep the game fair, as well as strengthen security against cheating.

How to win

The first treasure hunter to:

1. Discover/assemble all 12 seed words and restore the wallet


2. Send one of the tokens contained to their own wallet address (ERC-20, not on an exchange) will be crowned the winner, upon verification of eligibility.

Once confirmed, the winner will be announced (Telegram/Twitter @username) and arrangements made for prize delivery.

Daily progress updates

Each day we will update the community with the progress of the clues, to show how many have been released and how many remain. The red dashes will show how many seed words (clues) have been released, and the black dashes show how many remain of the 12 total.

Remember: More than one seed word will be released on the final day. We will publish a progress update between 6-24 hrs after the final pieces are released if there is still no winner by that time.

Important Safety Tips – Please Read!

Unfortunately, the crypto space is plagued by scammers and dangers of all forms, so we want to share some important safety tips with everyone. No prize or publicity is worth even one user losing their funds.

We also want to make one thing especially clear to our communities, everyone and anyone who may be newer to crypto:

1. Never, for any reason, share your private key or seed words, with anyone, ever.

While we are doing this promotion as a fun, new way to engage and give back to our communities in celebration, we want to again remind everyone there is never a legitimate reason to give your seed words (for any wallet!) to anybody.

Anyone asking you to share or give your seed words or private key to you is a scammer, these words should be protected at all costs and are for you only.

This promotion will never involve you giving ShareRing, or anyone else, any, passwords, private keys, or seed words.

2. Beware of fake pages, fake admins, and fake team members commenting or DM’ing you on any platform.

NOBODY from ShareRing, KardiaChain, or its partners will DM you first. Not during this promotion, and under no other circumstances.

Facebook is notorious for failing to stop scammers that create fake pages and comment on the official pages of real crypto projects, usually claiming to be giving away BTC or other tokens, asking you to send tokens to an address first. These are very common, beware!

Telegram is also just as bad with scammers pretending to be team members who DM users to ask for passwords, private keys/seed words, and other personal information.

Twitter and other platforms also have similar issues with fake pages and scammers.

3. There will be no clues or additional promotions posted in the ‘comments’ or replies on any platform. Seed woods/clues will only appear in the original posts and content from the official ShareRing and KardiaChain pages linked above.

4. Familiarize yourself with MetaMask. Be careful not to lose an existing MetaMask account by restoring the seed words for this contest. If you have any doubts about how to use MetaMask safely and correctly, please visit their official website to learn more.

5. For security and fairness reasons, the wallet unlocked by the seed words does not contain the prize. The winner must announce their success either on Twitter or in the ShareRing community Telegram by tagging the team and speak with the team (the team/admins WILL NOT DM YOU!) to verify their transaction, age, country of residence, and other standard legal details to ensure they may legally participate and receive the prize.

Only the winner will have to share (privately) the standard legal information required to ensure they are of legal age to participate in their country of residence and receive cryptocurrency as a prize, such as name, location, and age. They must also contact us first to do this, do not accept any DMs from anyone claiming to be a staff or team member, ever!

Further rules will be detailed below, and on behalf of ShareRing and KardiaChain, good luck to everyone!

MetaMask Wallet Tips:

  1. Download and install a new metamask wallet/extension on a browser (i.e. Brave, Chrome) that you have not used Metamask on before. 

When it prompts you to either import or create a new wallet, choose “No, I already have a seed phrase” and click ‘import wallet’.

  1. This is where you will enter the seed words to restore the wallet from the promotion.
  2. Contained in this wallet you restore will be two tokens, a SHR and KAI token, as well as some ETH for the one transaction you need to make to send a token from this wallet to an ERC-20 address of your own (not on an exchange). The transaction must be successful, so familiarize yourself with how to send transactions on Metamask beforehand if necessary.


  1. No sharing the answers!
    Any participants caught sharing the location or details of seed words will be disqualified. Users must collect the seed words on their own without cheating. Any and all forms of suspected cheating will result in disqualification.
  2. The winner must claim the prize by being the first to send token(s) from the unlocked wallet (by finding all 12 seed words and restoring the Metamask wallet themselves) to their own address and publicly tagging @ShareRingGlobal on Twitter to claim their prize. They must then DM ShareRing’s official Twitter to verify age/location/name/eligibility. The winner’s Telegram and/or Twitter username will be made public.
  3. In the event the participant that unlocks the wallet and completes the winning transaction cannot claim the prize or is ineligible, there will be another 12-word seed phrase released the following day, split between both projects. The first (eligible) participant to unlock that wallet and claim will be the winner.
  4. Staff and family members of ShareRing or its partners are not eligible to participate.
  5. The rules of this contest are subject to change, for any reason, at any time at the discretion of the organizing parties in order to ensure the security and fairness of the promotion.
  6. No registration is necessary. No purchase necessary. A purchase will not increase your chance of winning. There is no alternate method of entry. Only participants of legal age from countries where cryptocurrency and promotions of this nature are legal may participate. Participation in this promotion is entirely voluntary. KardiaChain, ShareRing, or their partners are not responsible for any losses or damages that result from your voluntary participation in this promotion.
  7. Delivery of the prize will be within 2-3 weeks of confirmation of the winner’s eligibility. The number of tokens received will be determined by the average market rate at the time of transaction. ShareRing and Kardiachain are not responsible for any market fluctuations or changes in the value of these tokens. The value of these tokens is not guaranteed. There is no substitute or alternate prize, the winner may only accept or refuse the prize as is. The winner is responsible for all taxes.
  8. By participating, participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions, privacy policies, and cookies policies of ShareRing and KardiaChain
  9. Have Fun!

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Interested in purchasing SHR tokens? You can do so from the following exchanges:  

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