ShareRing’s TravelRing initiative

The sharing and rental economy is a $7 Trillion, multifaceted industry that encompasses 313 Million jobs, and is to service more than 2 Billion people in 2020. In early 2019, ShareRing decided to focus on the travel industry as the first B2B and consumer focused example of what's possible with the ShareRing platform.

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Our Products

One login

One set of credentials for all your travel needs. There is no longer the need for multiple logins, or for multiple travel apps!

One payment

Payments are made in one step for all your travel needs. We take care of everything within the app. Without the need to submit your payment to many providers; security is greatly increased and the payment process is exceedingly quick.

One app

All your travel needs in one place. ShareRing offers “the Amazon” of the travel marketplace; where you can book all your travel needs much quicker and more secure than ever before.

One ID

Your ID is yours to control. Choose where is goes, and how it is stored. Your personal identification information is never stored in the ShareRing Ecosystem.

Car Rental & Sharing

OneID verified users can sign up and rent a car in minutes, allowing merchants to have confidence when the customer has been validated. The customers information is also automatically populated into the merchants platform.

Hotel Express Check In

Merchants can pre verify customers before arrival, as well as an option to offer a “cash out" service. This means a customer can have their key and money ready on arrival to the hotel.

Travel eVisa Application

Our OneID, machine learning and OCR technology speeds up the visa process by pre-verifying and pre- populating the travel visa application; so the entire process is finished within minutes, rather than hours.

Product Offering

  • Directory listing
  • Booking engine
  • Software Development Kit
  • Credit card facilities
  • KYC identity check
  • Reputation management
  • Smart contracts powered by ShareLedger
ShareLedger Enabler
  • Access to build on ShareRing‟s custom built blockchain, ShareLedger
  • Software Development Kit
  • For blockchain savvy companies
  • Fiat pegged currency
  • Secure payment
  • Used to pay for sharing/renting assets
  • Software development kit
Fee Structure

Free directory listing. Monthly SaaS fee: 0.5% of average rental income per asset for basic service; ability to provide additional services - not included in forecasts.

ShareLedger Enabler

5c USD for every transaction on the blockchain - charged in ShareToken, ShareLedger’s utility token.


1.0% of transactions when withdrawing SharePay to bank account.

Find the solution that fits your business

We offer holistic solutions along the complete value chain for hotel bookings, car rentals, tours and activities.

Custom portal for your own brand

Stay ahead of the competitiors with a team of travel technology experts who will work closely with you to create, design, and develop your own website and apps with the latest technologies.

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