Built on distributed ledger technology

ShareRing has developed a platform that can be tailored to your business needs.

World Class Security

ShareRing’s innovative platform can be yours for a fraction of the cost of developing it yourself.

ShareRing SaaS

Software as a service is deployed easily with our tailored modules, no matter what your industry is.

ShareRing modules


ShareRing's custom designed, immutable blockchain database incorporates a dual token system.

ShareToken (SHR)

The utility token is used for the ShareRing ecosystem.

SharePay (SHRP)

The currency for sharing services on the ShareRing platform. This provides highly encrypted and secure storage of hashed data such as: inventory status, identity documents, currency transactions and just about any other digital event

SharePay (SHRP)

ShareRing’s stable coin within the ShareRing ecosystem. This can be issued as a reward or a tethered voucher payment system. SharePay is hosted natively and can be pegged with any fiat currency. SharePay offers:


Transaction records are immutable, providing the highest level of protection from theft and fraud - far less chance of chargebacks!


SharePay saves both your business and the end-user money, with low or no transition fees.

Cash Out

ShareRing allows for instant cash payments for users. Receive competitive rates with commission in your pocket from every withdrawal. A great incentive for hoteliers and activity providers.


ShareRing's identity management system. Our One ID is immutable, highly secure, and infinitely scalable. The OneID module lets you verify your customer's identity with no need to hold onto their personal details or hardcopy credentials.

The end user can complete the process in less than two minutes and only ever needs to be completed once, protecting you both from hacks and fraud!

ShareLedger works as the base for SharePay and One ID. Our custom built solution is available to implement immediately.

Our products

ShareRing’s TravelRing initiative

One login

One set of credentials for all your travel needs. There is no longer the need for multiple logins, or for multiple travel apps!

One ID

Your ID is yours to control. Choose where is goes, and how it is stored. Your personal identification information is never stored in the ShareRing Ecosystem.

One payment

Payments are made in one step for all your travel needs. We take care of everything within the app. Without the need to submit your payment to many providers; security is greatly increased and the payment process is exceedingly quick.

One app

All your travel needs in one place. ShareRing offers “the Amazon” of the travel marketplace; where you can book all your travel needs much quicker and more secure than ever before.

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