How to motivate staff to ensure they’re giving your business all they’ve got.

Let’s face it; staff motivation is one of the biggest challenges for employers today.  And yet, surprisingly, money is not the main influence when it comes to keeping staff motivated.  In fact, several business leaders agree that staff development, well-being and a connection to their work are among the biggest factors in keeping staff enthusiastic.  However, according to HubSpot’s managing director, Shahid Nizami, it’s not as simple as providing free snacks and ping-pong tables.  “True motivation comes from feeling a sense of purpose around the work being done … you can’t expect your teams to truly care about the work they are doing if they don’t feel connected to the company’s mission.”

In this week’s Let’s Talk we asked several business leaders ‘how to motivate staff to ensure they’re giving your business all they’ve got’.

Rohan LePage, co-founder and COO, ShareRing

At ShareRing, we are big on flexibility in the workplace. As we are a global company, time zones can make meetings difficult. All our staff can work from where they like and with flexible hours. If home is a productive place, we are happy to facilitate. This has a very measurable motivational impact on our staff. Our office runs a Monday morning breakfast smorgasbord to start the week.  There are always smiles when there are scones or fresh fruit and yogurt to fuel the first day of the  week. Our culture is supportive and approachable, and we encourage employees to get involved across all areas, employing just as much on company fit as skill and experience. We offer incentives to encourage our employees to talk to and sign up businesses in the sharing and rental economy and are always open to listening to new ideas. ShareRing is open to improving employees’ personal and academic experience through training and understanding of personality types and working styles. As such, this year we will also be introducing team bonding and development days that will be held across different locations. This is to give the team the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, while experiencing a change of scenery.

– Rebecca Thacker on February 12, 2019

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