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We are a global ecosystem that is increasing social responsibility through promoting the utilisation of assets within the circular economy.

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ShareRing was started by six founders: Tim Bos, Rohan Le Page, Peter David, Neville Christie, Jane Sadler-Kidd and Barry Brewster. They saw the potential within the worldwide sharing economy, understood it was fragmented and developed ShareRing to make sharing services and goods more accessible to consumers and businesses.

Tim, Peter, Neville, Jane and Barry had already successfully launched a white-label car sharing solution, ‘Keaz’ and therefore used their existing knowledge and transferred this from sharing cars – to sharing virtually anything.


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Our initial focus is on rolling out the ShareRing platform in the travel and tourism industry across Australia and SE Asia.

ShareRing, the only app you’ll ever need!


How is ShareRing different from other rental websites and apps?

ShareRing has built an ecosystem for the sharing and rental economy, creating a one stop shop. The ShareRing platform is built on distributed ledger technology, which means every transaction is secure and users’ identities are checked and authorised before a rental agreement takes place.

This allows for a quicker and more secure booking process. ShareRing offers lower fees to both merchant and user; with seamless cross border payments.

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Meet the ShareRing founders

Tim Bos

CEO and

Tim is an experienced blockchain engineer and entrepreneur who has founded several sharing services, including global car-sharing platform Keaz, which has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the USA. In an earlier life, he was an Associate Director at Barclays Capital, Program Manager at Avanade (a Microsoft and Accenture JV) and Project Manager at GE Capital.

Peter David

Non-Executive Director
and Cofounder

Peter has a lifetime of experience in every aspect of growing global technology businesses. As CEO, COO or general manager, he has led several startups to generate total revenue of more than $300 million. In 2013 he founded Keaz with Tim Bos and currently serves as the company’s CEO.

Neville Christie

Non Executive Director
and Co-Founder

As the grey-haired member of ShareRing team, and our Investment Director, Neville Christie’s career has covered a very wide range of industries and roles. At various times Neville has acted as chair, facilitator, innovator, entrepreneur, business mentor, venture banker, chair of strategic innovation boards, and futurist.

Rohan Le Page

COO and

A highly competent business manager, Rohan’s experience in online analytics spans many years. He is highly sought after in this sphere with a renowned reputation which speaks for itself. With a strong background in major automotive, plant equipment and e-commerce brands, Rohan’s knowledge of the rental (sharing) space is exemplary. His keen interest in crypto mining technology and hardware has lead him to become an expert in this field, from which he has derived a great deal of experience since installing a crypto mining farm of his own in 2015.

Jane Sadler-Kidd

Non-Executive Director
and Cofounder

A founding shareholder of Keaz and ShareRing, Jane provides financial oversight, budgeting and financial forecasting support to the executive team. As an FCA her career has taken her from audit partner, with a national UK accountancy practice, through corporate finance advisory and interim management at board level, to her current focus on broader change management and organisational development. With experience working in UK, Russia, Middle East and Asia, she brings a clear understanding of both; the financial and organisational challenges facing a fast growing business operating in a global environment; and the need to establish robust financial practices to track and manage resources effectively in order to support the planned rapid growth.

Barry Brewster

Non-Executive Director
and Cofounder

Barry is a founding shareholder of Keaz and ShareRing. He specialises in creating optimised, agile performance for organisations and major projects globally. He is an Internationally Certified Master Facilitator with over forty years of experience in Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada and the United States. Barry brings to ShareRing global experience in leveraging executive networks and guiding fast moving organisational development initiatives. He is also Chairman of The Agile Business Leader and a Board advisor to the International Institute for Facilitation. He is co-author of a series of five books which are included in the curriculum of universities in Australia and the USA, titled “The Agile Business Leader®” published 2010-2014.

Meet the team


Elvin Cheung

Marketing Director
Read more about Elvin

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Emily Birrell

Chief of Staff
Read more about Emily

Emily joins the team as Chief of Staff, based in London. In this role Emily will be working with Tim and other members of the leadership team to ensure we execute on our business objectives. Emily’s background is in finance. She holds a degree infinancial mathematics and previously worked at Hiscox, in London and Bermuda. Here she worked as part of a small team responsible for launching and developing an alternative investment management platform, specializing in insurance risk. Through this role Emily gained a variety of experience, including implementing operational and governance processes, coordinating and executing on business strategy, business development and investor relations. All of which we will be leveraging here, at ShareRing!


Jordan Thomas

Content Manager
Read more about Jordan

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Tien Pham

Quality Control Engineer
Read more about Tien

Tien is our newest quality control engineer. Tien is experienced with building successful Flix applications, worked on Smart TV operating systems and mobile OS in companies such as Easy IT Solutions, Flix Viet JSC, and IMT Solutions in Vietnam. With an NIIT certification, Tien will bring his capabilities in Quality Control and Testing to the ShareRing Developers Team. Since joining the team, Tien has enjoyed working with fresh faces and new talents, to build on the upcoming mobile application for ShareRing. Friends and family would say Tien has a drive to push hard in whatever he pursues and is always active in life. He is really excited to work in the blockchain field, especially getting to work on a new project with new technologies. We are very happy to have Tien with his knowledge joining the team at ShareRing Vietnam!


Nhut Nguyen

Senior Mobile Developer
Read more about Nguyen

Nhut is one of our newest editions to the development team over in Vietnam as a senior mobile developer. With his previous experience writing React Native applications specifically for Android, he is passionate about developing the best possible application and is very excited to pair his previous experience with blockchain technology. When talking to his friends about being part of ShareRing, he promotes the good vibes of the work environment, with kind and fun co-workers who make him feel comfortable. His family would describe him as a gentle character with a charming personality. We are very happy to have Nhut in our ever-growing development team in Vietnam!


Phuong Trinh

Read more about Phuong

Phương does many things to assist our Chief Operating Officer and in running the ShareRing Vietnam office. He has three years experience in customer service and marketing. He studied in Australia and graduated With Bachelor and Masters degrees in Project Management. Working in a business in the technology industry is new to him, but he’s very curious about Blockchain and keen to learn. He’s talented in time management and quality control, and we are delighted he can help our team be very productive.


Tam Vo

Web Developer
Read more about Tam

Tam is another recent addition to our award-winning development team! He joins ShareRing with a degree from the University of Information Technology (UIT) in Ho Chi Minh City. Tam is most excited about using and exploring blockchain technology within the ShareRing platform. He really enjoys building products and seeing how they improve and grow everyday, and when talking to his friends, he likes explaining that working with ShareRing will help him improve and deploy his abilities. Tam’s friends and family describe him as friendly, sociable and funny. He brings enthusiasm to the team and we are very happy to have him.


Thuy Nguyen

Project Manager
Read more about Thuy

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My Nguyen

Sales Manager
Read more about My

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Truc Nguyen

Business Analyst
Read more about Truc

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Linh Nguyen

Administrative Officer
Read more about Linh

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Truong Tran

React Native Developer
Read more about Truong

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Phuoc Phi

Blockchain Developer
Read more about Phuoc

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Sales Administrator, Thailand
Read more about Skye

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Meet the ShareRing
Advisory Team

Adrian McCullagh

Read more about Adrian

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Christopher Emms

Read more about Christopher

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Anna Melton

Read more about Anna

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Ting Y Chan

Read more about Ting

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Richard Kastelein

Read more about Richard

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Jonathan Galea

Read more about Jonathan

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Gary Palmer

Read more about Gary

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