ShareRing Integrates Plair as a New Payment Method

Plair joins the ShareRing Ecosystem as a new payment method; allowing hotels, car rentals, tours, eVOA applications, insurance and so much more to be purchased with PLA token. ShareRing welcomes Plair as the newest payment method in the ShareRing ecosystem!...

SHR AMA Transcript: ShareRing’s CEO Tim Bos & Crypto Malaysia Facebook Group

In this SHR AMA with Crypto Malaysia, Tim Bos discusses ShareRing’s core aspects, revenue forecasts, MOU updates and much more! Thank you, Shaun McQuillan, at Trusted In Trading for arranging and managing this SHR AMA! Questions from the Community Can...

CEO’s AMA Transcript: ShareRing’s CEO Tim Bos speaks with BlockchainBrad about building the infra & dApps for the Sharing Economy, COVID passports on the blockchain and more!

In this interview, Brad Laurie speaks with Tim Bos concerning everything ShareRing stands for, building the ShareRing infrastructure/apps for the sharing economy, ShareRing’s future and much more! Intro & Non-Payment Disclosure Brad Laurie: Hello It’s Brad Laurie, Blockchain Brad. Today we’re talking about...

ShareRing AMA Summary with Tim Bos & Layah Heilpern – 4th June 2020

On Thursday 4th June 2020, our CEO Tim Bos was invited for a ShareRing AMA with TV Journalist Layah Heilpern. Read the full transcript below!

Hackathon ONE

As we wrap up Hackathon ONE in partnership with ShareRing and RMIT Blockchain Club, what an amazing event it was!  Hackathon ONE where ideas become a reality and innovative solutions are born. ShareRing is the first blockchain based global eco-system...

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