ShareRing Now Supports Trident Cards (Barbados National ID)

April 13, 2023
ShareRing now supports Trident Cards (Barbados national ID) for the creation of reusable digital identities through the ShareRing Vault app.

National citizens of Barbados, Caribbean, who hold a Trident Card are now able to create their own digital identity through the ShareRing app (available on iOS, Play Store, and Galaxy Store). This is an integral step towards a more streamlined and efficient era of the internet where our identities form the basis of our day-to-day digital interactions with businesses.

For users, the creation of their digital identity is as simple as using the NFC chip in their Trident card. Simply go through the onboarding process via the ShareRing Vault app, and users will be prompted to tap their smartphone device against their Trident card. Our system will then verify that the user initiating the digital identity creation process matches that of the Trident card.

Once the user’s digital identity is created, they can, in the future, prove their identity with different businesses and services across the digital front, without physically being present. This concept of reusable identity is unique to ShareRing, and pioneers the transformation of humans and their experiences across the digital frontier.  Simply put, a user can prove their identity without having to go through a verification process for each individual business they engage with.

Businesses that are invested in their digital future benefit greatly from digital reusable identities, in particular those that are legally required by law to identify their customers before offering them services. In addition to having more streamlined onboarding processes (more customers, less friction), digital identities managed inside the ShareRing Vault are completely self-owned or self-sovereign. This attribute greatly benefits businesses that do not wish to hold a plethora of data about their customers and bear the risk of being targeted by hackers. As they now say, data is the new oil, and data mining is frowned upon in today’s society.

Is your business required by law to verify your customer’s identity? If so, we want to speak with you. ShareRing is running a pilot program, tailored to businesses that require digital identity solutions to verify their customers. Submit your interest in our pilot program here and secure your business’s digital future today with ShareRing.


About ShareRing

ShareRing is a digital identity focused blockchain technology company transforming the concept and mechanics of identities in the new era of the internet. Our technology focuses on protecting personal information across the web and ensuring that individuals maintain control and security over their own data.

Trust-embedded solutions power the underlying technology within the ShareRing ecosystem. These solutions offer unparalleled consistency, reliability, and security of personally identifiable information (PII) transmitted between users and the businesses they engage with online.

Both businesses and users can embrace self-ownership of PII, supported by privacy-enabled features that minimize the risk of data vulnerability in less-secure databases and maximize the empowerment of self-owned data.