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Imagine stepping off the plane and knowing everything can be securely booked and managed from your phone! No more juggling handing over passports, travel documents or bank cards.

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ShareRing is built on distributed ledger technology, allowing for a transparent, decentralized ecosystem.
Advantages of this include:

One login

One set of credentials for all your travel needs. There is no longer the need for multiple logins for multiple travel apps!


Your ID is yours to control. Choose where it goes and how it is stored. Your personal identification information is never stored in the ShareRing Ecosystem.

One app

All your travel needs in one place. ShareRing offers “the Amazon” of the travel marketplace; where you can book all your travel needs much quicker and more secure than ever before.

One payment

Payments are made in one step for all your travel needs. We take care of everything within the app. Without the need to submit your payment to many providers; security is greatly increased and the payment process is extremely quick.

1 Peace of mind.
2 Convenience.
3 Speed.


We’ve designed ShareRing for everyone. It’s simple and it simply works.


ShareRing removes third parties and their harsh commissions, which means lower prices for you!


A decentralized system means your data is immutable. With no central point to be exploited, the system is protected against hacking and fraud. You also keep control of your personal details including ID and bank cards.

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Take the hassle out of travel, with only a few taps from start to finish.

Why ShareRing?

Take the hassle out of travel, with only a few taps from start to finish. ShareRing is the only travel app you will ever need. From the moment you book your trip, to the moment you get home, we have you covered!

Other Apps


Millions of sites to choose from, time-consuming.

Everything you need in one place. Only a few taps from start to finish.


ShareRing removes third parties and their harsh commissions, which means lower prices for you!

Low set up costs, multi-currency transactions with no foreign exchange fees, low commission charges.


Handing over your personal information opening you up to fraud, scams and schemes.

Distributed ledger technology means user’s ID and payment are authenticated, protecting businesses and users from theft and fraud.


Growing at a rate that is unsustainable for both the current travel infrastructure and natural environments.

ShareRing Foundation, the complete loop to give back exactly what was taken out.

How it works


Take a picture of your government ID document and a selfie!


Save big on flights, car rentals and hotels!


Pay with credit cards and cryptocurrency!

Enjoy your holiday

The world's most trusted platform for travel!

Built on distributed ledger technology

Let us break this down for you.

ShareRing is built on distributed ledger technology, also known as a blockchain. This technology provides a system where transactions are super secure, fast and immutable. This is because data is managed by a network of publicly controlled “nodes” that confirm the data is true and correct. There is no central authority. This becomes ‘decentralized’ as opposed to traditional ‘centralized’ data access and storage.

Thinking outside the box

We pride ourselves on innovation, getting to know you and understanding what you want! Travel should be fun, not hard work!

ShareRing’s travel app simplifies tourism and benefits all!
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