ShareRing Partners with BYD
As Blockchain technology advances worldwide, ShareRing will play a key role in helping shape the sharing economy. ShareRing is forming partnerships with companies that share their vision and are innovators in their own unique way.

One such notable partnership is one they have recently formed with BYD. Known as ‘China’s answer to Tesla’, BYD is the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer. Originally Founded in 1995, with its subsidiary BYD Auto established in 2003, BYD produces a range of automobiles including electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and petrol-engined vehicles.

Regarding the partnership with ShareRing, BYD states;

“We are very excited to work with ShareRing in Australia on this project, this is also a great opportunity for BYD to show our EV technology”


ShareRing co-founder and CEO Tim Bos visited the BYD grounds firsthand which was extremely beneficial and it showed how BYD can use and benefit from ShareRing’s technology. ShareRing is working with the automotive division at BYD to provide innovative technological solutions and is working towards integrating BYD’s vehicle sensors and validating them on ShareRing’s platform.

This essentially means that BYD vehicles would be ShareRing Certified, and can be natively used on the platform for car sharing for corporate and consumers alike. Throughout this process, BYD will provide engineering support while ShareRing works towards IoT integration. A part of this development is to be able to translate this to other vehicles as they begin certifying them.

The collaboration between BYD and ShareRing will make it easier for BYD vehicles to be used in car-sharing and exploring the different types of use-cases benefiting both parties through this partnership.

ShareRing COO Rohan LePage stated the relationship with BYD to be along with term one and is excited to work with BYD products. He further elaborated one of the functions of this partnership is to use the platform to query external devices to validate the status of an asset. This is quite important when sharing physical assets, as knowing the device’s status; in this case, the vehicle would be allowed to establish its location or whether it is being used. This aspect is essential to the smart contract, as being aware of the device’s status at any given time will allow for efficient management which will greatly benefit ShareRing’s customers.

ShareRing is excited to accelerate its progress in the Chinese sharing economy and help build the community behind it. China’s culture around the concept of sharing is the most widely accepted in the world today.

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